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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 7 weeks sweet boy

Joshua spent his 7 week milestone with a tummyache. Poor baby has a few issues with digestion. So instead of a good nap, he stays up in the afternoon, with a few scattered cat naps here and there. He then gives us 9 solid hours at night. I'll take the sleep:) Notice he is sitting in the Bumbo seat. Such a big boy! Joshua has pretty good head control for his age. I love you Joshua!
cat napping in the swing

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Updated pictures

Some pictures of my sweet boys...I can't believe Joshua is nearly 7 weeks old already! God has blessed us tremendously.

Cameron and Joshua
One month old!

Poppy and sweet baby
1 month here too

So big! 11lb 3 oz

Mommy and her boys

The Bruza men

Six weeks old.
Out for a walk

Awake more and

Nathan's 1st day of
4yr old preschool

Doing a science experiment.
Thanks Uncle Philip and
Aunt Katie for the fun book!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome Adam Andrew

We have another new little one in our family! Introducing sweet baby Adam Andrew. He is my sister Jill's baby. Born August 24th, 7lb 3oz, and 19in long. He looks like his daddy. Congratulations to Jill and Kenneth on their new blessing!
Adam Andrew
The new family

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning romp

Housework you will have to wait, I am going to post while all is quiet at our house! I'm sure those of you with preschoolers can relate. So this morning I kicked the boys out to play. It has been so hot recently that they only play for about 15 minutes before coming inside. And if you know my boys, it really must be hot since they would live outside! So this morning it had rained and cooled things off a bit. Nathan was concerned about the wet grass (he has learned Mommy doesn't appreciate it when he gets wet:) I told him it was ok today and please get outside. Here is what was waiting for me on the porch...
I guess I asked for it!
Notice the humidity,
my lens is fogged up.
Cameron copies his big bro
all the time.
Dirty boy!
Nate wouldn't hold still for a
head shot, so I settled for his feet.
I carried the boys directly to the shower at 10am. Hope your day is as wild as mine! (A good wild!) Kids are so funny, unpredictable, and able to run mommy through emotions of anger to joy almost instantaneously. Thank You Lord for our children. You teach me so much through them!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Daddy riding the waves with his boys.
Joshua stayed inside for his first beach
trip since he was only 3 days old!

Cowboy Nathan

Campfire with Poppy

Can you believe they slept in
the tent all night!?! Poor Poppy!

Nate's Birthday at Chico's with
Grammy and Poppy a week early.

First family photo with Joshua.

Grammy, Poppy, and the grands.

Gumball machine
birthday cake.

Birthday Boy!

Joshua 8 days old.

First sponge bath.

11 days old.

Sweet baby...11 days.

Joshua again...

Yummy, Cam?

Still 11 days old.

Nate's actual birthday.
We went swimming at
Aunt Mary Ellen's and
the boys were wiped out!

Birthday celebration
#2! Dirt pudding...yum!


Mommy time...19 days old.

More mommy time...

...mommy time continues...

Daddy time with sweet baby.

Getting so big!

Ready to ride.

Brotherly love...poor Joshua.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Introducing Joshua Ryan Bruza!

Joshua Ryan 8lb 8oz 20 in

We are very happy to finally meet our new little boy. He is precious. At 8lb 8oz, he is the biggest baby so far. He has a great appetite too!

The boys are enamored with this new little fella. "Hugs" were given a little rough...we had to keep emphasizing how fragile baby Joshua was.

Minutes after Joshua made his appearance.
Chad's parents are with us for the next week. We are having a great visit and they are a huge help. We are blessed to have a wonderful family.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Boys

Here are some tidbits about the boys...

The picture is of Nathan, Mommy, and Daddy's date to see Toy Story 3. It was a cute movie. Nate did great. He enjoyed every minute and sat still! Buzz Lightyear came with us, Chad joked that Nate reminded him of a Trekkie:)

Kids say some of the funniest things. These days Cameron has a huge southern accent, words with 2 syllables have 3 when he says them. I should get some video of him talking...it will make you laugh.

The other day I heard Nathan say to Cameron, "I am going to suck your blood Cameron!" I wasn't happy to hear this and I let Nathan know. He then tells me he is being a tick. Chad was bitten by a tick recently and Nathan caught on that ticks suck blood. Ha ha. I thought one of his friends had exposed him to vampires or something.

Nate also scared his mama by sneaking off his water wings at the pool when I wasn't looking. He stayed in the shallow end, thankfully. Needless to say, he was in big trouble for that stunt. He can barely touch so when I raised my voice for him to get out of the water this minute, he bounced to the stairs with his head barely above the water.

One more Nathan moment...Cameron was fussing on the way home from church. Both boys had been warned about their attitudes at this point. So Nathan says to Cameron, "Cameron! Don't have a stinky attitude like me!" Wow, that's honest.

On another note, we don't have anymore clues for this new baby's name. Sorry. We were going to post one each week, but ran out. Either way I've talked to some of you and you all seem to have a pretty good idea of what you think his name will be.

This post is a bit rambling, sorry about that. We sure are ready to meet the newest Bruza baby. Hope he comes soon! Until next time...have a great week!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Compare and Contrast

May 23.....................June 27

Baby has grown a bit! Only 4 weeks and change to go. We are very excited to meet this little fellow.